Baby Penguins Steal the Show @ Thank You Party!

By: The Wellington Team | Published: July 14, 2011

Education is a huge priority at The Wellington Hospital and each month we hold at least one seminar at London Zoo, alone. Not only does this support a major charity in our area, it’s also a pleasure to host these lectures at such a historic attraction.

When the summer comes and we take a break from our educational programme, we like to acknowledge the practice managers, consultant secretaries and embassy administrators that we deal with everyday, by throwing a thank you party at the zoo.

Our annual get-together creates a chance for people who communicate on a regular basis – over the phone – to finally meet in person. This helps to continue to build great working relationships, which are priceless in improving communication and efficiency. This benefits everyone - from staff to patients and helps make everyone’s job more pleasant.

This year the hospital were joined by 120 guests for an evening that kicked off with a Pimms reception in the sun, followed by a special viewing and exclusive feeding show at the newly developed Penguin Beach.

We were even lucky enough to select a fortunate few from our party, to pay a visit to two incubated baby penguins:

 Heart and Egg, are two baby Humboldt penguins, and were undoubtedly the stars of show. They would not have survived without the special care and attention provided by their keepers at ZSL.

After putting the penguins to bed, and before continuing back to the lawn terrace for a BBQ, there was also the chance to hitch a ride on the fairground carousel – just to add a splash of nostalgia to the evening!

Using this unique venue for this event, as well as our educational programme, is always a pleasure and we believe it’s important to support local charities such as London Zoo and the incredible work they do, whilst we go about our everyday work.

If you missed out on the evening, here’s a little taster. This clip comes with a cute factor warning!

Watch the Baby Penguins

Many thanks to Lenna Cumberbatch, for submitting this footage so we could share this with you.

If you liked watching Heart and Egg, why not follow @adwalls on twitter – The zookeeper at ZSL specialising in birds


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